osca & blanco

Our Story

A new landmark on the Chao Phraya River with the concept “Clubstaurant” where people can “Dine & Dance”, starting the evening with a fine dinner and live music, then DJ will take the stage and change the scene into a lively bar with sexy atmosphere in the late night at late night. Osca & Blanco is a modern luxury bar and restaurant serving Mediterranean fusion cuisine and a full range of drinks with premium quality. The best riverside place to enjoy the panoramic view of “Chao Phraya River” with the iconic “ICONSIAM” as a background, lighten up the night with international live band and DJ.


Osca is an indoor zone, the atmosphere is full of elegance with black and gold colour tone. The word Osca comes from "Oscuro" in Spanish which means "darkness". This is the perfect zone to have an exclusive dinner and enjoy the magnificent riverside view.


Blanco is an outdoor zone, decorating by silver-white colour tone. The word Blanco comes from "Blanca" in Spanish which means "white". This zone is the best for chilling and partying with a panoramic view of the river and ICONSIAM from the evening sunset throughout the night.